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Pest Guy offers commercial pest control services that specialise in helping businesses get rid of unwanted pests whilst also preventing further pest issues arising that may effect the day to day running of the business. This company provides a wide range of pest control services, including the removal of ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, flying/crawling insects and other more unusual pests such as grain beetles and fruit flies that can be found in premises dealing with food/alchohol etc..

One of the key benefits of using Pest Guy is the expertise that the company brings to the table. With many years experience dealing with clients throughout the hospitality industry, may it be an office block, a hotel, pub or club, restaurant or cafe,theres not alot pest control guy have not dealt with. we are highly trained technicians who constantly keep up to date with the latest and newest techniques in pest control for the commercial/ retail sector and have years of experience in identifying and eliminating pests. We also differ in the fact that we are FULLY LICENCED, hold certified PMU NUMBERS, whom are FULLY INSURED, unlike the biggest companies who use trainees, unqualified, unsupervised, untrained, to carry out  inspections. We use a combination of old and modern techniques to ensure that pests are eliminated quickly and effectively and your premises is safe to continue doing business whilst staff and customers are also safe from any pest related risks.

Another benefit of getting commercial pest control services from Pest Control Guy is stability, we pride ourselves in not having the usual high turnover of staff as other companies may have along with common sense whilst carrying out service inspections being as discreet as possible. Every service inspection carried out is done by the same technician every time throughout your contract with us so you get to know and trust them.

All our services and service inspections are carried out in accordance with EHO,ISO,H&S and the pest control HACCP requirements under E.C hygiene of food stuffs regulations.

But the bonus with choosing PEST GUY PEST CONTROL is unlike most, included in a contract with us is crawling/flying insect treatments, EFK monitor maintenance AND rodent monitoring/eradication at a very competitive price so you can rest assured theres no hidden costs or further payouts for the above services if there ever needed. At pest guy we understand the pressures involved in running a business, mentally and financially, so we try to be as fair as we can. Let pest guy take over one less worry for the running of your business! Contact us today to arrange a free call out and quotation.

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